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  Welcome to the Centre for Global Competency at the University of Central Oklahoma!  The CGC was born out of UCO’s missions of transformative learning, and a desire to offer UCO students a unique opportunity to grow personally and set themselves apart professionally. We not only offer education abroad programs, but also provide the necessary tools for you to become a globally competent individual, someone who has encountered a world of new possibilities and is transformed into a resilient and dynamic leader. Through the bi-lateral exchange agreements between UCO and our sister international institutions, you can remain enrolled as a UCO student while attending classes at one of our more than 50 partner universities in over 25 different countries around the world. While abroad, students earn credits equivalent to a full-time course load that can be applied as elective credits, university core requirements, foreign language requirements, and/or be applied toward major/minor course requirements therefore allowing students to make academic progress as if they were still in Oklahoma attending classes at UCO.
In order to appeal to UCO’s diverse range of students, the CGC offers a variety of study abroad related programs. Longer-term study abroad programs include those that last a semester or a full year. We understand that not all students can leave home for such an extended period of time and also feel that studying abroad is an invaluable experience that should be made available to all students. For this reason, we also offer several shorter-term options that range from two to four weeks abroad. These shorter terms study abroad programs encompass both an individual month long educational experience during the summer, as well as professor sponsored study tours lasting up to two weeks.
In addition to providing information about the various study abroad programs offered at UCO, the CGC will provide any and all the necessary guidance throughout your educational experience abroad so that you will never be alone. We will help you with many of the processes involved in the application and pre-departure requirements including; helping you obtain your visa, assist you in booking your housing accommodations, assuring the transferability of courses, applying for scholarships, and of course helping you achieve a successful and meaningful experience while studying abroad.
The benefits that come with studying abroad are numerous and last a lifetime. You will learn the necessary skills to adapt to different cultures and interact more successfully in diverse settings. You will become more responsible and have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you will experience learning in a new environment, become more adaptable and understanding, build lifelong friendships and networks, develop your communication skills, potentially learn a new language, not to mention the sense of achievement and prestige that comes with successfully completing something that less than 1% of students across the nation accomplish.
To discuss your personal study abroad options or to find out further information, visit the Centre for Global Competency located in room 137 on the first floor of the Nigh University Center or contact us by phone or email.  We look forward to hearing from you!